Janelle's School of dance

The school offers a great range of dance styles including ballet, tap, modern, contemporary and street dance

Ballet & TAP






About Us

Janelle’s School of Dance opened in 2010 and has grown dramatically due to the hard work of the pupils and the passion each pupil has for dance.

Classes encourage children to enjoy dance, develop fitness and offer the option to gain exam grades if desired. There will also be opportunities for parents to come and see how their child is progressing.

Initially each class will combine Ballet, Tap and Modern dance. As the school develops these classes may change. Age range is for guidance only. Some children may make better progress in a group outside their age range. There is also a street dance class for ages 8 and above. There are specific classes allocated to Streetdance which involves floorwork, contact partner and group work, tutting and isolations.

The pupils have a chance twice a year to share their hard work and passion at the shows, this is important for the children and parents to share their growth within the school. Previous shows have been extremely welcomed by all parents and children have enjoyed the chance to develop their performance skills which builds confidence.


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